Dressed in “New-Gang-Style“, "NAMONAKIBAND” is rockin’ the world from TOKYO.

Before NAMONAKIBAND, “the heiz" was formed in 2008. After several months of covering Chuck Berry, Johnny Burnette,  Gene Vincent, Johnny Thunders, Shaku Keiji (vocals/guitar), Asako Yoshinaga (bass) and Takashi Kimura (drums) decided to start to write their own material.
 In 2009 the first heiz album was released, which led to international recognition. The band left Japan to U.S., played 50 of wild and frantic shows in 35 cities. But unfortunately, Asako got trouble with her left hand during this hard tour. 
When the band’s back to Japan, she needed to have an operation and take a break. Asako began to sing instead of playing bass, Shaku and Kimura started “Kim-Ramones”, Ramones-Tribute-band. Finally “NAMONAKIBAND” wad founded in 2010 when Asako’s back to the band. They got 3 lead vocals in the band.
 In 2011 the first “NAMONAKIBAND” album was released. They had 3 times of live performances with no supporting acts during 2012 to 2013 including the show at “Shibuya O-West”, capacity of 600.
In 2014 “NAMONAKIBAND” is now representing TOKYO in the “Hard Rock Rising 2014”  and in the global online vote which starts on the 28th April to determine the top 25 bands. The winner plays a gig at Hard rock live in Roma festival in July.



Sat.18. Sep_ U.S. AIR FORCE Yokota Air Base



Sat.4.July_Double Down Saloon(Las Vegas,NV)

Fri.3.July_Backstage Bar & Billiards(Las Vegas,NV)



open/start  4:00/4:30 adv¥1500+drink / day¥2000+drink



open/start 6:00/6:30 adv¥2500+drink / day¥3000+drink

Sun.11. Jan_ 810 (Susukino,SAPPORO)

open/start  ?/? adv¥?+drink / day¥?+drink

Sat.10. Jan_ 810 (Susukino,SAPPORO)

open/start  ?/? adv¥?+drink / day¥?+drink

Mon.29.Dec_Palooza (Kashiwa,CHIBA)

open/start  ?/? adv¥?+drink / day¥?+drink
Sun.28.Dec_SDR (Machida,TOKYO)

open/start  ?/? adv¥?+drink / day¥?+drink


Fri.28.Nov_Double Down Saloon(Las Vegas,NV)
Sat.29.Nov_Double Down Saloon(Las Vegas,NV)

MILLION DOLLAR TRIO?? Sounds like a legendary jam session by John Lennon, Suzi Quatro and Joey Ramone!

Hard Rock cafe Tokyo
Shibuya O-West
Shibuya BURROW
Yoyogi Zher the ZOO
Sapporo SUSUKINO810
Nishikawaguchi Hearts
Takasaki club FLEEZ/Asile
Ikebukuro Adm
Chichibu Ladder Ladder
Kashiwa 616
Machida SDR
Shibuya Milkyway
Shinjuku Marble
Kichijyoji Planet K
Shinyokohama Bell's
Osaka Live Bar HUSH
Sangenjyaya HEAVEN'S DOOR
Shimokitazawa Club QUE

Las Vegas, NV : Double Down Saloon 
Philadelphia, PA : JR’s 
Pittsburgh, PA : 31st Street Pub 
Charlotte, NC : Milestone 
Hickory, NC : Drips 
Richmond : The Triple 
Richmond : Wonderland 
Washington D.C. : Comet Ping Pong 
Baltimore, MD : Sidebar 
Philadelphia, PA : WKDU 91.7 FM 
Providence, RD : Dark Lady 
New Haven, CT : Cafe Nine 
Asbury Park, NJ : The Saint 
Wilmington, DE : Mojo 13 
New York, NY : Don Pedro’s 
New York, NY : Santos Party House 

CLEVELAND, OH : Now That’s Class 
Laffayette, IN : Black Sparrow 
Indianapolis, IN : Local’s Only 
Cincinnati, OH : Blue Rock Tavern 
St Louis, MO : The Way Out Club 
Elgin, IL : Gasthouse 
Chicago, IL : Reggies Rock Club 
Minneapolis, MN : 7th Street Entry 
Milwaukee, WI : Linneman’s 
Ames, IA : Ames Progressive 
Lincoln, NE : Bourbon bar 
Wichita, KS : Kirby’s Beer Store 
Denver, CO : Hi-Dive 
Salt Lake City, UT : Burt’s Tiki Lounge 
W.Hollywood, CA : Whisky A Go Go 
W.Hollywood, CA : The Cat Club 
Phoenix, AZ : The Ruby Room 
Austin, TX : Beerland 
New Orleans, LA : Saturn Bar 
Memphis, TN : Buccaneer Lounge 
St Petersburg, FL : Emerald Bar 
St Petersburg, FL : Fubar 
Los Angels, CA, tba 
Los Angels, CA, LAX Grand Ballroom 
Atlanta, GA : Warehouse show 
Spartanburg, SC : Ground Zero
And more...